Optimum Mental Clarity With Patriot Power Greens

There are many different factors that play a role in determining our level of mental clarity moment by moment. One of those factors, that is often overlooked is nutrition. There are so many studies out there that talk about the negative impact that not getting all the right nutrients can have, not just on your body, but on your mind too. Its all connected.

One step that a lot of people are taking to improve their mental focus and resilience is to increase their intake of vegetables, specifically greens, such as kale, spinach, chard, parsley and so forth. The cool thing is that now you can get special green drinks that are like powdered mixes that you can shake up and enjoy without needing to juice your own green vegetables. Patriot Power Greens is a special alkalizing green drink made out of greens and many other powerful enzymes, pro-biotics and such. Here is a video explaining about this product. On YouTube.

Patriot Power Greens from The Patriot Health Alliance was developed by a doctor named Dr. Lane Sebring who is an expert on natural anti-aging methods. The thing about this guy is that he developed it for active duty coast guard squads so that they could stay alert and have the energy and vitality that they need, even when they are getting older and things are starting to break down a bit.

Eating fresh greens and cooked greens is considered by most people to be pretty healthy, but it is really astounding how the vitamins in greens and fruits work so well with the human body, and the fact that you can get all those greens in a simple little drink mix is kind of a mind blower.